Pride Weekend in San Francisco is unlike anything you could imagine. For two days, the entire city comes together to celebrate love. 

With so many Pride events scheduled for the weekend, I knew it was going to be a busy few days. Suzy and I’s first stop was the Trans March in Dolores Park on Friday. Saturday consisted of the Pink Triangle Celebration at Twin Peaks. Nazis used the pink triangle as a symbol to identify homosexual prisoners in concentration camps. The installation of the Pink Triangle every year reminds people of the discrimination that faced the LGBTQ community but now serves as a symbol of celebration during Pride.

Sunday was finally Parade Day! This year, we had the wonderful opportunity to walk alongside Senator Scott Wiener during the parade. Team Suzy had gathered around Senator Wiener’s float all decked out in Pride gear and it was time to march!

It was a beautiful day in San Francisco to celebrate love. You could see that people from all walks of life came out to watch the parade and enjoy the festivities. It was truly wonderful to see different communities coming together in the name of love. I’m already counting down the days until Pride 2020!

Even though Pride month may be over, it doesn’t mean that the fight for equality is. Suzy is committed to fighting for LGBTQ equality by addressing the crimes that continue to face the community. By prioritizing the prosecution of hate crimes and protecting the LGBTQ youth in San Francisco, Suzy hopes to create a safer city for the LGBTQ community.