Going into this campaign, I knew I wanted to run things the old fashioned way — knocking on doors, talking to neighbors, and creating a personal relationship with every voter possible. 

I was excited to get our grassroots campaign off the ground. We kicked off with our first official canvassing event in the Outer Sunset district last Saturday. Surrounded by friends, neighbors, and supporters, it was truly heartwarming to see the amount of support Suzy had gathered behind her. The air was filled with energy; volunteers were buzzing with excitement as they were briefed on how to successfully canvass a neighborhood. 

Equipped with yellow window signs and campaign literature, we then set off in small groups to spread the word about her campaign. 

The next few hours consisted of talking to neighbors and really listening to their concerns about San Francisco. With a team of people dedicated to helping Suzy get elected as the next District Attorney, we were able to reach out to so many neighbors and residents in the Outer Sunset.

The only way to win a grassroots campaign is through the help of volunteers. With the amount of people that turned out at the first canvass event, I’m looking forward to seeing new faces join us as our campaign travels around San Francisco visiting different neighborhoods to spread the word about Suzy. 

Don’t worry if you missed out on this first canvassing event! We’ll be having many more and would love for you to get involved.