This week we got good news. And I wished Mayor Ed Lee was here to see it. The San Francisco Police Department reported using force in 30% fewer cases three years after we initiated major reforms to rebuild the trust between our police department and the communities they are sworn to serve.

As the President of the Police Commission, I worked with Mayor Lee to advance these reforms, and it was great to see confirmation that our approach had demonstrable results. Mayor Lee was clear — he wanted our reforms to preserve the sanctity of life. He wanted San Francisco to lead through this conversation — to show that we can build reforms that are good for the police and the community.

With Mayor Lee’s support, we prioritized investing in community-based reform efforts and increased accountability. He didn’t take on this fight because it was easy or popular, he did it because it was right. And he didn’t live to see the positive impact. He was a leader who knew sometimes you don’t get to see the investments you make come true but they are worth it all the same.

But today, I am thinking of him and his family. I am grateful for the work we did together and am ready for the work to come. Let us celebrate his kind and humble spirit by making a commitment to serve our communities together.