Be There for the People Who Need us the Most

I want every San Franciscan to see the District Attorney as the People’s Lawyer – fighting to ensure that every person, regardless of their neighborhood, country of origin, or race – is protected and treated with dignity. This means standing up for our victims – from the teenager whose boyfriend threatened her with a knife to the working family who had their car broken into for the fourth time. This also means ensuring that when people are charged with a crime, they are treated fairly.

  • Recognize the impact of trauma and its connection to feeling safe by investing in more resources for crime survivors
  • Protect our crime survivors and witnesses, especially the most vulnerable, like children who have witnessed crime in their community or seniors who are victims of scams or fraud, by eliminating the bureaucracy that stands between victims and the help they need
  • Make sure our immigrant communities feel safe to report crime and engage with law enforcement by ensuring prosecutors consider the immigration consequences of every case
  • Decrease the criminalization of women, girls, trans, and LGBTQ youth of color by developing strategies, in partnership with community members and community-based organizations, to address the underlying economic and social realities – such as sexual abuse, exploitation, and homelessness – that often result in incarceration
  • We have a particular responsibility to protect children and ensure every child can thrive and grow up in safety
  • Children should be treated as children
  • Protect access to safe and free reproductive healthcare for all women, especially in communities of color.

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    A District Attorney that is Accessible and in the Community

    I often reflect on the productive and collaborative relationship I had with the late Mayor Ed Lee — the first API Mayor of San Francisco. We worked together and took on some tough and necessary fights, but we never wavered in our commitment to make San Francisco a...

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    [SF Weekly] D.A. Candidates Demand Police Accountability

    "But change may be on the horizon. District Attorney candidate Suzy Loftus announced a plan Tuesday to increase police accountability. She promised to have the Independent Investigations Bureau make charging decisions against police officers in their personal capacity...

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    Holding the Criminal Justice System Accountable

    "We engaged community members, impacted families and neighborhood-serving organizations in a process that resulted in long overdue updates to the SFPD Use of Force Policy. We operationalized Life Affirming practices through a new Crisis Intervention Team General...

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    Holding the Powerful Accountable to the People

    "San Franciscans need to trust that there is accountability in the criminal justice system. San Franciscans need to trust that a District Attorney can actually fight the good fight for everyone–not just for the powerful or those who have the means to navigate the...

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