Safety and Justice Platform

I am running for District Attorney of San Francisco because I believe that we can do better when it comes to safety and justice for the people of our City. Rooted in our progressive, San Francisco values, I know we can protect the most vulnerable among us, improve public safety for all, and continue the fight to reform our broken criminal justice system. And this is how I plan to do it.

Reducing Crime

We must rebuild the fundamental relationships between the community, the police, and the DA if we are going to hold people accountable, prevent crime, address the public health crisis on our streets. But there also needs to be meaningful consequences for repeat offenders. I won’t be afraid to prosecute crimes when it’s the right thing to do.

Be There for the People Who Need us the Most

I want every San Franciscan to see the District Attorney as the People’s Lawyer – fighting to ensure that every person, regardless of their neighborhood, country of origin, or race – is protected and treated with dignity.

Protect Our Progressive Values

Recent upticks in property crime and domestic violence incidents are not an indictment of our progressive, San Francisco values – they are reason for us to strengthen our commitment to public safety strategies that actually address the root drivers of crime.

Invest in All of Our Communities

We need to work together, in every community, and have honest conversations about what it will take for everyone in our City to be safe. We need to stand up for the radical notion that safety belongs to all of us – not the province of the few, designated by zip code.

Deliver Smart Justice

Relying on jails and prison as the first or only mechanism to achieve safety is fiscally irresponsible and doesn’t actually make us more safe in the long run. We need to continue pioneering new approaches that move away from our over-reliance on incarceration and instead prioritize rehabilitation, alternatives to incarceration, and other diversion programs that address the root causes of crime.

Restore Community Trust

While we have seen a decrease in crime rates and shrinking jail populations, many people in our community still do not feel safe, and trust in law enforcement has eroded. I will prioritize rebuilding trust with San Francisco communities – particularly communities of color and immigrant communities – and tackle the misuse of power head on.

Get Tough on Corporations Who are Harming Our City

I want to reimagine the role of the prosecutor as the people’s lawyer who can protect our communities from the abuses of the most powerful. It’s not enough to pass laws that protect residents from discrimination and other unjust behavior.