Get Tough on Corporations Who are Harming Our City

I want to re-imagine the role of the prosecutor as the people’s lawyer who can protect our communities from the abuses of the most powerful. It’s not enough to pass laws that protect residents from discrimination and other unjust behavior. The District Attorney’s office can and should play a more proactive role in enforcing our civil rights, workers rights, consumer protection, and environmental laws.

  • Do more to hold toxic polluters accountable, tasking prosecutors to enforce our environmental laws and to work collaboratively with Bay Area and State prosecutors to address regional environmental threats
  • Expand consumer protection efforts to prevent and hold corporations accountable for fraud and predatory lending, particularly against our immigrant and low-income communities, and vulnerable seniors
  • Enforce our labor and employment laws to make sure workers are protected from wage theft and unsafe, abusive, or discriminatory working conditions
  • Work with our partners to protect San Franciscans from housing discrimination and predatory landlords