September 18, 2019

“[Suzy is] running on the platform that San Franciscans are tired of car break-ins, home break-ins, blatant crime on their sidewalks and a criminal justice system that seems to merely point fingers in response.”

Reducing Crime

I believe that every San Franciscan has a right to feel safe in their neighborhood, regardless of where they live, what they do, or where they are from. But right now, too many people feel unsafe in their neighborhoods and places of business or work. The car break in epidemic, dangerous behavior on our streets, property crime and retail theft is not acceptable. With every day conditions such as these, it is no wonder that many residents questions our city’s commitment to public safety. As your District Attorney, I will not only effectively respond to crimes when they are committed, but I will work with law enforcement and community to enact robust strategies to prevent these crimes in the first place.

Early in the campaign, I heard the story of a woman from El Salvador who lives in Valencia Gardens and is a domestic worker. She had her car broken into 4 times last year. Each time, repairing her broken window took her entire week’s paycheck. Recently, I spoke with another woman who lives in the Fillmore whose had her car broken into ten times this year. She’s a single mother struggling to raise her family in San Francisco and is fed up. I’ve met with people who work at Macy’s in Union Square, small business owners in Chinatown, and parents who don’t feel safe letting their children walk to school. One thing all of these San Franciscans have in common is lack of trust in our law enforcement system.

We must rebuild the fundamental relationships between the community, the police and the District Attorney if we are going to hold people accountable, prevent crime, address the public health crisis on our streets. But there also needs to be meaningful consequences for repeat offenders. I won’t be afraid to prosecute crimes when it’s the right thing to do.

 As your next District Attorney, I will:

  • Increase targeted law enforcement operations to stop the car break-in epidemic
    • Launch an auto burglary strike force to prosecute repeat offenders
    • Collaborate with the police on undercover operations to stop the break-ins before they happen
    • Build neighborhood-based solutions to prevent new hotspots
  • Expand the neighborhood prosecutor program to hold people accountable for dangerous behavior on our streets
  • Utilize conservatorship to get San Franciscans with mental health issues off of our streets and into the help they need
  • Crack down on open-air drug dealing
  • Review every eligible sexual assault case and hold perpetrators of sexual violence accountable

It is a false choice to say that we must pick between our progressive values and holding people accountable for property and other quality of life crime that make San Franciscans feel unsafe. By taking bold steps and investing in neighborhood-specific solutions, we can embrace our progressive strength and recognize the humanity of all those impacted by a crime while staying true to our commitment of safety for all.

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Hard At Work

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First Canvassing Event!

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