Restore Community Trust

While we have seen a decrease in crime rates and shrinking jail populations, many people in our community still do not feel safe, and trust in law enforcement has eroded. I will prioritize rebuilding trust with San Francisco communities – particularly communities of color and immigrant communities – and tackle the misuse of power head on. If we want people to trust those in power, we need to be clear through our actions that those who hold the public trust will be held to a higher standard and will be held accountable for any abuse or misuse of their authority.

Here’s how we build a more just system together:

  • Eliminate bias in charging decisions, jury selection, sentencing recommendations and plea bargains
  • Double down on efforts to reform the cash bail system and other court fees, which disproportionately impact the poor and people of color – eliminating future opportunities for success.
  • Enforce office-wide policies to consider immigration consequences in handling cases, protecting non-citizen defendants from excessive federal punishment
  • Oppose the Trump Administration’s efforts to further criminalize immigrants and co-opt the justice system for immigration enforcement
  • Investigate each officer-involved shooting with the highest level of integrity, independence andtransparency to ensure answers are provided and officers are held accountable where they have broken the law

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A District Attorney that is Accessible and in the Community

I often reflect on the productive and collaborative relationship I had with the late Mayor Ed Lee — the first API Mayor of San Francisco. We worked together and took on some tough and necessary fights, but we never wavered in our commitment to make San Francisco a...

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Protecting Residents and Our Environment

Protecting Tenants and Residents in San FranciscoIt shouldn’t take a tragedy like the Ghost Ship fire to bring to light the reality that many people are living in untraditional, and sometimes unsafe housing, across the Bay Area, including San Francisco. Many families...

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[SF Weekly] D.A. Candidates Demand Police Accountability

"But change may be on the horizon. District Attorney candidate Suzy Loftus announced a plan Tuesday to increase police accountability. She promised to have the Independent Investigations Bureau make charging decisions against police officers in their personal capacity...

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Holding the Criminal Justice System Accountable

"We engaged community members, impacted families and neighborhood-serving organizations in a process that resulted in long overdue updates to the SFPD Use of Force Policy. We operationalized Life Affirming practices through a new Crisis Intervention Team General...

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Holding the Powerful Accountable to the People

"San Franciscans need to trust that there is accountability in the criminal justice system. San Franciscans need to trust that a District Attorney can actually fight the good fight for everyone–not just for the powerful or those who have the means to navigate the...

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